Saturday, May 30, 2009

Roping Raven...

OK so today I had to get out of the heat so I started making these ropes for the dogs. I have never tied them up in their lives but all the campgrounds state I have to tie them up...poor kids.. So instead of those nasty chains, I bought some rope and made my own. First of all they make PINK ..yeah..really so I had to buy pink and white for the girls..and maybe the boys because I can't seem to find any boy colored rope. Any way here I am getting the ropes tied up, (I went online to see which kind of knot would be the best and how to tie it so my kids could not get it undone) I got done and wanted to take pics and what does Miss Snoopy Raven herself do but jump up in the middle of things..so here is a video and photos of camping and rope tying 101 Ravens way. Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, May 29, 2009

reservations made

I talked about on of the first places I was going to stay at, which is in Ashland Oregon. The only reason I picked it was because the camp owners have Pugs...what is it with people and their Pugs!? hehe...I don't know but they are addicting. When I made the reservation I put in that I had two Pugs and when they wrote back confirming my reservation, they were excited to know I had Pugs..
Then I made reservations for the one in Gilroy, but apparently the kid that works there wasn't sure that you could do anything..so I just said I would take my chances.(the website said to call to make a reservation) OK...
The other thing checked off my list is washing my sleeping bag.I noticed Mr or Miss mouse had been at it at one point in its long life. I double washed it. I have nothing against mice, just not in my sleeping bag.
It seems my list keeps getting longer and longer or is it I keep adding this and that. As usually happens it will come together all at the last minute.
Ok now on to the next thing....

Monday, May 25, 2009

The tent trial

OK so I said I was going to try the tent yesterday...well stuff got in the way, so today I went about setting up the tent. As usual nothing really scares my dogs, well Gus doesn't like to be startled too much but try and keep the others from getting into moms stuff...see how long that lasts..lol
Here are some pics and a video...

and here are some pics


The thing I am learning about this blog ritual is that trying to upload a picture from my desktop is not that easy, so instead I had to go to Photobucket,download them there, then re size them..this has taken almost an hour for three pics and a video..there has to be a faster way..eee gads!
Doesn't my Wheezy look so cute..he is definitely ready to go camping..the other two just wish they could..oh they are going to be so sad..I get guilty just thinking about it..*sniff*
Anyway..I was invited my a Dogster friend of mine who lives close to San Francisco to go play at Point Isabel http://www.ebparks.org/parks/pt_isabel. Check it out! This is going to be great! Gus just loves the water..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another campground bites the dust

I went online last night trying figure out how long I want to drive each day..with the kids, maybe not too long.
So looked up campgrounds at the other end of Oregon and found one that looks pretty good.
The hosts have two Pugs! yeah...I am not sure how long I plan on staying the next day..probably not too long since I want to get to Sacramento by early afternoon.

Check out the campground:

Be back later this afternoon...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting ready for our California trip

I am starting this blog because I have got the idea to visit some of the people I have met on Dogster . I have been a part of this four-legged world for almost five years and have met some really great dog people. People like me, who love their dogs unconditionally. We have shared many adventures, losses and loves together.
This is the story HoP's road trip to meet some of these awesome friends..so far it has been an adventure all right.
Three weeks before my trip and my truck starts acting up, then my chewed up Blackberry finally bit the big one and then my wireless quite. I have to have all three or the trip is incomplete.
All are fixed now, so now to the next step.
I am busy getting more stuff to make my furkids more comfortable. Since I wasn't able to get a canopy for the truck, I have decided to take the passengers seat out. Then I will put dog beds down where the seat was. All four should be pretty comfy. I know Gus will be since he is the biggest.
Today I bought rope and hardware. Since we will be stayin in campgrounds, the kids will have to be on leashes. I bought a pink and white 50 foot rope and will four seperate ropes 6 feet long. I know they will think they are being abused, but there really are some people out there who do not understand that dogs are really little humans.
Tomorrow I am going to set up the tent out back and see if we all fit..hehe