Monday, May 25, 2009

The tent trial

OK so I said I was going to try the tent yesterday...well stuff got in the way, so today I went about setting up the tent. As usual nothing really scares my dogs, well Gus doesn't like to be startled too much but try and keep the others from getting into moms stuff...see how long that lasts..lol
Here are some pics and a video...

and here are some pics


The thing I am learning about this blog ritual is that trying to upload a picture from my desktop is not that easy, so instead I had to go to Photobucket,download them there, then re size them..this has taken almost an hour for three pics and a video..there has to be a faster way..eee gads!
Doesn't my Wheezy look so cute..he is definitely ready to go camping..the other two just wish they could..oh they are going to be so sad..I get guilty just thinking about it..*sniff*
Anyway..I was invited my a Dogster friend of mine who lives close to San Francisco to go play at Point Isabel http://www.ebparks.org/parks/pt_isabel. Check it out! This is going to be great! Gus just loves the water..

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