Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting ready for our California trip

I am starting this blog because I have got the idea to visit some of the people I have met on Dogster . I have been a part of this four-legged world for almost five years and have met some really great dog people. People like me, who love their dogs unconditionally. We have shared many adventures, losses and loves together.
This is the story HoP's road trip to meet some of these awesome friends..so far it has been an adventure all right.
Three weeks before my trip and my truck starts acting up, then my chewed up Blackberry finally bit the big one and then my wireless quite. I have to have all three or the trip is incomplete.
All are fixed now, so now to the next step.
I am busy getting more stuff to make my furkids more comfortable. Since I wasn't able to get a canopy for the truck, I have decided to take the passengers seat out. Then I will put dog beds down where the seat was. All four should be pretty comfy. I know Gus will be since he is the biggest.
Today I bought rope and hardware. Since we will be stayin in campgrounds, the kids will have to be on leashes. I bought a pink and white 50 foot rope and will four seperate ropes 6 feet long. I know they will think they are being abused, but there really are some people out there who do not understand that dogs are really little humans.
Tomorrow I am going to set up the tent out back and see if we all fit..hehe


  1. I'm glad you started this and look forward to reading all about your trip. Will you have a way to post pictures, too?

  2. Oh yes!!! Pictures, videos, comments..you name it...here we goooo!