Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As promised...photos..lots of photos

Please check out my albums on Photobucket

first the road trip and friends

Then the party of the dogs

and to that end....
many happy memories...:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Had the time of my life

This is the last entry...I should have done it yesterday but, I was still on the road. When I left Courtney's I headed up the coast, so glad I did too! Well worth the extra hours. I met Boo's twin although she is a lot bigger to be sure! LOL. Anyway by the time I found my camp spot I was so tired, well you can see that I posted the blog yesterday morning. I have spent the week getting up at 6 or 6:30 am that I thought to myself,"I am going to sleep in, long drive be damned!" I finally got packed up by 11:00 am and headed out. Now before I go on, let me tell you what happened. I was so tired the night before I just took the first camping spot I saw, which was right next to the bathrooms. Hence we had a lot of foot traffic by the campsite. However, I will have you know, with the exception of Raven (why even go there.*sigh*) they never barked. Just watched everyone. I kinda feel they were pretty much done in for as well. It has been a long week for them as well. Anyway as I was packing up there were three small boys that kept coming over and looking at the dogs. I knew they wanted to pet the dogs but were hesitant. Finally after showing them it was OK, these three took tentative steps towards Wheezer and Raven first. Suddenly one boy said,"OH those are Peebulls and they bite, I am not supposed to go near Peebulls" (Of course I knew he was saying Pitbull, but it was funny how he said it). Now mind you, he was looking at Raven and Wheezer, never mind the mass of white wiggling, dancing about, goofy fur behind him, who just wanted to lick them to death. I pointed to Raven and I said,"You think this is a Pitbull?" he nodded his head and started backing up. No no he said, she is a Peebull and will bite me! I had to suppress a laugh as the Mean black Peebull was looking at him as if to say,"kid you gots sum fud, I starbin" Then the other kid who was standing by Wheezer all of sudden squealed and backed up hurriedly. I looked over and there sits the other Peebull,with his little teefies hanging out. I asked this boy what was the matter and he(the boy) squealed,"He is baring his teeth at me! he is going to bite! Look there he is doing it again!" Wheezer then looked at me and yes, friends his mean teefies were bared, wiggling around. The nerve of Wheezy!!! I about swallowed my tongue as I was trying not too laugh! Those two mean Peebulls..I must have a talk with them! In the mean time Boo snapped her leash in half she was so excited to see kids and threw herself on her back wiggling around like a wild banshee, then righted herself and proceeded to lick the kids faces till they were wet and shiny. The boys never said she was a Peebull, only those two small ones! hehe..funny..ahhh I bet when they got back and told their parents, those parents were peeing their pants with fright! I hit the road and it was a long, long drive to be sure. Found two more ticks, one on Raven and one on Gus and although I have looked at all four can not find any more. I have a feeling I will find some... I tell you if any of you haven't been to Northern California by Mt. Shasta/Shasta city, sometime in your life you must go there. It is just beautiful. It is high altitude but oh my the mountain, the lake, the green. Takes your breath away. Then I hit Oregon about 9pm. Still light enough to see green. There are three things I missed. 1-Getting my gas pumped for me. (its the law, yeah!), 2. NO tax!!! 3. All this green and cool air. Not that California isn't green but just a different type. After 14 long hours I got home. About 3 miles from home, I asked Gus if he was ready to see Gammie and he went nuts as did the other three. (They love their gammie). I did have to wake my mother up however as I found another tick on a part of my back I could not see, so the little bugger was hanging out for two days. Ugh! This was a once in a life time trip. I loved it. Just think because of the love for our dogs we all became friends and now we have met some of our friends. This is only the beginning, its definitely not the end. Thank you my friends for following me and being a part of this trip with me. Please check back as I will post a link to photo album. There you can copy any you want.

This video was taken on Ventura beach.

The pics are of us in ventura and the camping spot.(Beeware the Peebulls!)



Monday, June 15, 2009

yesterday and today almost end of the road

Good morning! I was going to post yesterday but by the time I got to the campground or rather found the campground (another story to come) I was too tired and could not remember my password! Duh! Now I have a bit of coffee in me and almost packed up I can be a little coherent left Courtney yesterday morning, once again sad to be leaving a friend. She really does live in a beautiful place and no I won't mention her curtains! Haha Inside joke for Courtney! She has a huge,huge back yard.Lucky furkids to be sure. Upon my arrival there she was making the kids mint treaty's. Talk about personal service! Ha! My kids are no longer looking at me as the best..maybe fourth best after all the spoilers they encountered! Hehe They really were spoiled rotten by everyone. Ok I am getting off track here, so after I left Courtneys I headed West to 101. I was determined to drive up the California coast! It was a great decision as it is beautiful indeed! Our first stop was in Ventura California where at first I could not find a beach that let me bring the kids. I then finally found one. We had a wonderful walk and I let them chase the waves.I was initially just going to head up 101 but then I noticed highway 1 that goes into Big Sur. Can't pass that up. Took an extra 3 hours but let me tell you, "it was gorgeous!!!" Wow! The ocean was sooo blue! The road calls for your undivided attention though. One miss turn and off the cliff face you go. Me and my clunker drove slow to the irritation of various sports cars revving their engines behind us.Now at various times I had to let the dogs go potty but one in particular time I decided to let them run in this field of dry grass. At one point I "for a half a second" thought I wonder if there are ticks...then I thought nothing of it. As we were almost to our destination I happen to put my fingers to the back of my neck and I felt (AHH) something at which time I almost drove off the road.I knew deep inside it was not a scab or piece of debris. I plucked it off and there were squirming tiny legs. I screamed like a girl and threw it on the floorboards. It then dawned on me, "Oh great dummy it is still alive and going to crawl inside your pant leg and backup" Good Pug!!Then I felt the back of my neck again and ,yes, there was another one. Remember now I was driving in the middle lane in rush hour at 65 miles an hour! By this time I was making gurgling mewling noises and feeling a million crawly things everywhere. As I made my way off the main thoroughfare I started up a winding narrow forested road and all of a sudden felt that damn tick crawl across my face. That was it!! I pulled over jumped out of the truck and started the wild banshee dance, shaking my legs and slapping myself. I could just imagine a husband and wife walking off the hiking trail nearby upon seeing me..."Honey" wife says to husband "look is that woman on drugs""look! She is acting crazy!" OH don't look, don't look! Pretend you don't see her" as they hurriedly get in their car. Yes, I was that crazy! Ugh ugh ugh. I later found another one on my shirt. I did kill two of the little buggers with glee I might add. Even now I can feel crawling! I stopped in Boulder Creek for my last and final Dogster pal visits. It is a pal of Boo and Gus's in their Bully 101 group. Two very very large Bully dogs. Huge! Puts my two to shame. One is Moxie and she is white like Boo. Got pics and will post later sine I am typing this all on my trust BB. Once again I felt spoiled and grateful because Jen the furbullys mom made me fresh hot out of the oven chocolate chip banana muffins. Yummo and no I did not share. Ha! Now by the time I got back to my campground, what should have taken me 30 minutes took me me an hour and half because it was dark, my old eyes are getting bad for night vision and I forgot which road the campground was down. After many turn around, wrong directions from my GPS I finally found it! Ugh.. Its sad getting old, hahaha ahhhh.
Now I sit here this morning looking back on my trip thinking of the wonderful and gracious friends I have met. This really has been the trip of a life time. I have thank all those that met me and spoiled me and my children, without all of you there would be no trip.
Love yah all and God bless yeah!
I have a very long road home today (12 hours) so I will do one more post tomorrow morning, because tonight I will just want to get to bed.
Ta ta till then

"The tick lady"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stewart's Kitchen personal tour

I headed out today from Shirley's house.I had wonderful time with the Fun Loving Family.They are so generous,caring and I thank them very much for everything.
My furkids sure were reluctant to leave. Especially those eggs that their uncle Darren fed them.
I then headed up to Courtney's house. Not too far away.Its by Lancaster Ca.This place sure has some funky trees.Which I later found out were Joshua Trees. For never seeing these before,I have been in awe. The rock formations are pretty cool as well. One thing I found out really quick was the wind blows constantly here,plus its a cool wind, which helped the Pugs.
Courtney has a huge yard,so I have decided could be a great place to do the next meetup.hehe...Its huge!! We are here with Stewart,Dora and Woody. Stewy had to show everyone how to bark at the neighbors. Funny.
I have had nice time here. Courtney is a very nice hostess. I am feeling very spoiled. First from Shirley and now from Courtney. Even the kids are getting very spoiled.
Since I am not on a computer that I can't download all pictures, but am going to add a few here. I am two days worth of pictures behind.

I am headed over to Oxmard California tommorrow and then up 101...till then

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beach,pictures and such

Oh this was a great day, but also a sad day.
This morning the furkids and I went to Huntington Beach and met up with Shawna, Rhonda and Arhonda. We first ate at a cute little place called the Park Bench, where they have outdoor seating and you can be with your dogs! How cool is that? They even have a menu for the furkids. Yes, all the furkids got to order off the menu! Haha...His royal majesty was making sure his mom knew to feed him promptly. ;)
We then headed down to the dog beach there at Huntington Beach. It was an overcast day so it was fairly cool. When the Pugs got overheated I just picked them up and dumped them in the Ocean. I am sure Raven and Wheezer will tell anyone who wants to listen that I was really trying to drown them. Gus even followed me, but Boo stayed just outside the waves..hmmm guess she doesn't want to dirty her fur...yeah right.
Princess Marley and Lady Lexus got into their Pugkinis and were posing for the boys. Raven decided that she would run free and nakey as did Wheezer...fur shame!
Gus just chased his frisbee.
Then we headed back up where I said my goodbyes to my dear friends. Friends I have known for so many years but only from a computer. Rhonda, Shawna...thanks for meeting mem what a great time. I love your boys and girl. They are sure precious as is Miss Marley Princess. (There is a girl who was made for the runway). It was sad to see them drive away with the precious cargo, but I know soon enough we will meet again somewhere, somehow. The boys need to drink their pugweisers and do all the Tomfoolery stuff that boys do (Dogster pals will know what I am talking about here).
Someday...there will be a great get together somewhere in the middle of the US and it will be huge! Just wait and see. Once I set my mind to something...watch out! lol.
The FLF and Hop then got all their pics taken together and yes, my friends....Beatrix finally got her wish....Wheezy in her big pink purse. Baby and Nana Boo were surveying the PP room kids.

I am headed back up to Oregon tomorrow...truly sorry to have to leave such wonderful friends behind. My next stop is Courtneys house, Raven insisted we stop by her boyfriends house on more time!
Till tomorrow...goodnight

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Dogster Friends Party!

Today was the day. We had a party to beat the band!!! I have known some of these women for almost four and half years on the Dogster site. What a thrill it has been to meet all of them. First thing this morning as I walked back into the house was hysterical laughter. I knew that laugh anywhere..It was none other than King Spiveys mom Rhonda! Haha...What a laugh she has, its so infectious. It was really great to finally meet her and the king himself. Large and in charge is our King Spivey. His sister Lady Lexus is such a cute girl. We counted it up later and there were nine moms and 24 dogs!!!! Can you believe we had that many dogs in this house! Crazy We had Marsh with Mista Chu, Shawna with Dewey, Arhonda with Marley and Ripley,Kathy with Lily and Piloux, Shirley with Johnny Thunder, Baby Ben, Beatrix, Cinnamon Bear, Honey Bear,Patti with Otto, Ratty and Lulu, Courtney with Stewart, Dora and Woody and of course me with Gus, Wheezer, Raven and Boo. Now that is a house full of dogs. We also had 11 Pugs but Mista Chu had to leave and Ripley wasn't around

Gus and Spivey's birthday's are coming up so we got a cake and sang Happy Birthday to them and then served them cake. (See Videos) Too funny, you don't mess with the King when he is eating his royal cake, no....

Then somehow Shirley got all of us posed and took pics of all of us. (Look up at slide show)That was major feat in itself. I am proud of all the four legged furkids. Then Courtney who runs www.fromstewartskitchen.com made "Pupcakes and bags of treats for the kids. Talk about an overload, then we wondered why they were all flying around like a bunch of frenzied monkeys. Just like the human kinds. Right now mine are totally crashed. Nothing could wake them. Shirley went all out with food for the humans. She made a lovely banquet. (see pictures) Then we had a baby Pug to make us all laugh. Ripley is 5 months and is a firecracker. Wheezer and Spivey had to compare beach bodies....Spivey won hands down. he...he..;) Boo fell in love with Courtney's girls. Especially when they added those yummy cupcakes. It literally was like Romper Room in here, but is fun and I loved every minute. Shirley Ann took the most awesome pictures today, but the file sizes are huge, so I will get them up but it is going to have to wait. (They are worth the wait) So with out further ado..here is two videos of Gus and Spiveys birthday cake eating spree

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hiking and Dog Parks

Hello all! WOOOO what a day! It was another long and awesome one. The downer is that I think I brought rain and drizzle down with me from Oregon. Good for the puggies but not so good for the mom, who wanted some sunshine. Here at Shirleys house she has an Orange tree,so I got fresh Oranges this afternoon. How cool is that for a woman who has always had to buy them from the store. We were introduced to the one and only Miss Susie, Diva of the FLF. (Yes, she is very much the diva!) look out world here comes Miss Susie. Cute as a button but not taking any doggys attitude let me tell you. She is so tiny, but a spit fire to be sure. Then I got to meet LuLu, Ratty and Otto. I seriously think Miss 5lb Lulu rules the roost there. She is another Diva and spit fire. WOOO what a little dolly! Want to put her in my pocket and take her home. Ratty is a ladies man to be sure. He lets you know it too. Otto is a prince, beautiful, big and very well behaved. Patti their mom is awesome. She took me hiking up in the mountains. It was great. Some may think its dry and boring, but I loved it. There was green and the trees there are a different species so it was cool. We let the kids play in the water. Check up above in the slide. Too funny!! Well except when mom had to go in the water to fetch the frisbee. Gus tried but he is not one of those diving birds, even though he thought he might be. The frisbee was wedged under the water pretty good. Then we hiked down. Thank you, Patti...wonderful, wonderful hike with you and Otto!!! I then drove out to a nice sized dog park and met the famous Dewster and his mom Shawna. He is a spit fire, but really..she thinks he is wired...yeah right. She got a good idea of how spazzy mine are. Dewey is calm compared to those four. Shawna, you have nothing to worry about. Wheezy is still the big dog on the block or so he thinks. Went after every single big dog he could and can that little boy run. Just ask Shawna. I also got to meet Dewey's friend Bubba. What a cutey. I think they were a bit overwhelmed by mine though. Who isn't? Great day, but the really big one is tomorrow...AAHHHHH Dogster pals abound!!!! Pawty Pawty Pawty!!!! Here is a video of the kids playing.