Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hiking and Dog Parks

Hello all! WOOOO what a day! It was another long and awesome one. The downer is that I think I brought rain and drizzle down with me from Oregon. Good for the puggies but not so good for the mom, who wanted some sunshine. Here at Shirleys house she has an Orange tree,so I got fresh Oranges this afternoon. How cool is that for a woman who has always had to buy them from the store. We were introduced to the one and only Miss Susie, Diva of the FLF. (Yes, she is very much the diva!) look out world here comes Miss Susie. Cute as a button but not taking any doggys attitude let me tell you. She is so tiny, but a spit fire to be sure. Then I got to meet LuLu, Ratty and Otto. I seriously think Miss 5lb Lulu rules the roost there. She is another Diva and spit fire. WOOO what a little dolly! Want to put her in my pocket and take her home. Ratty is a ladies man to be sure. He lets you know it too. Otto is a prince, beautiful, big and very well behaved. Patti their mom is awesome. She took me hiking up in the mountains. It was great. Some may think its dry and boring, but I loved it. There was green and the trees there are a different species so it was cool. We let the kids play in the water. Check up above in the slide. Too funny!! Well except when mom had to go in the water to fetch the frisbee. Gus tried but he is not one of those diving birds, even though he thought he might be. The frisbee was wedged under the water pretty good. Then we hiked down. Thank you, Patti...wonderful, wonderful hike with you and Otto!!! I then drove out to a nice sized dog park and met the famous Dewster and his mom Shawna. He is a spit fire, but really..she thinks he is wired...yeah right. She got a good idea of how spazzy mine are. Dewey is calm compared to those four. Shawna, you have nothing to worry about. Wheezy is still the big dog on the block or so he thinks. Went after every single big dog he could and can that little boy run. Just ask Shawna. I also got to meet Dewey's friend Bubba. What a cutey. I think they were a bit overwhelmed by mine though. Who isn't? Great day, but the really big one is tomorrow...AAHHHHH Dogster pals abound!!!! Pawty Pawty Pawty!!!! Here is a video of the kids playing.

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