Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The FlF House adventures

AHH I got Internet! Yeah...so don't forget to look up in the slide and see all the pics so far.
I met with Ena on Sunday and you will see a picture of her holding Boo and then a group picture of all of us. It really was a great day.
The next day was certainly a long one. I drove from Gilroy California too Pasadena area where the FLF (Fun Loving Family)lives. It was a long drive let me tell you and through some pretty flat land.
I arrived at Shirley's house and at first we were not sure how all the dogs would react but it went great!!! If you haven't met the famous Beatrix..you are definitely missing out..she is just too funny! Talk about giving you googley eyes, that girl has them. I posted a pic of her in the slide.
Wheezer did the usual Napoleon syndrome thing and started telling Baby he was bigger. Of course Baby got scared, which probably pleased tuff boy. LOL Boo has decided Shirley's daughter (Rosie) is her new friend and that "all" the toys are hers.
Yes, they are pretty spoiled to be sure. Shirleys husband fed my kids scrambly eggs for dinner! Hello..now they are his for life! haha..I said enjoy it while you can because mom doesn't do scrambly eggs or anyting for that matter at night. Spoiled is what they are.
I can not wait for Thursday as it is going to be a great pawty, so many dogs! haha.
Today we went to Knotts Berry farm. I now can say I have been there..No I did not ride any of the rides..that is just crazy..yes, you have to be young and crazy to ride those things. They did get me on the log ride and that was enough for me. Shirley Ann was the brave one and went on quite a few.
I also met Buster!!! Yes the other half of the famous Dewey clan and his mom Shawna..
See pics above. He is a cutey and his mom Shawna is great! OH I do love meeting all my Dogster pals.
Tomorrow I am hoping to go hiking with others and meet Shawna and Dewey at the park.

Until then have a good night!

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