Sunday, June 7, 2009

Awesome Day

Hello all! What a day! Got to Isabel Park a little later than I thought. I forgot the dogs needed potty breaks. Haha This park is huge! And its all dogs!! I met with a Dogster pal of mine,Ena, her BF John and two of her furkids, mamma and bubba(this is their nickname because their names are long, so I a$m going with the short versions). We walked and walked,it is the biggest dog park I have ever seen. Boo was being her usual goofy self and Gus was in 7th heaven with his Frisbee. Raven stopped every person to see if they had food..Arolling eyes* Wheezer was trying to be the big dog on campus as usual. It really was a great day! Thank you Ena!! Nice meeting you and your clan. Oh yes Boo rolled in everything so hence she is a little piggy again. *sigh*. I would post pics but I am up in the middle of no where without WiFi..Thank goodness for my BB hahahaha We then went and picked up Boo and Gus's collars from Lisa. She has www.collarmania.com I was going to get them shipped but since I was here in San Fran she let me just come over and get them. Nice of her huh? Now Boo is stlyin in her new bling bling. Gus's is for special occasions. Love Lisa's work. I am staying at Henry Coe park campground and let me tell you..if your looking for God's country,this it. I thought it was down by this lake but OH NO 11 miles up this twisting, turning, sharp curves 5 miles an hour mountain.Along the way I saw a fox sitting in the middle of the road, no chance of hitting him because your going so slow. He was beautiful. Then a male California Quail ran out in the middle of the road. Awesome. Saw deer too and still I kept driving. I almost turned around, started to remind me of Friday the 13th or something. I kept going and finally I got to it. I can see the whole valley from here! It is just that gorgeous. However..I am the only one here!! Yep just me, the kids, wind (yes lots of wind)and the view. For some reason I am not concerned about being up here alone.It is ..well can't explain but I feel pretty close to peacefulness. Got a nice fire going, the moon came up blood red orange and full. Tried to get a picture but I can never take night pics. I suck at it. Had a couple of smores and yes so did the porkies sans the chocolate. I just look at Raven because she keeps barking and her face is filthy. Good Pug!! Looks like she stuck her face in the ashes. Little turd. I head for FLF house tomorrow. For now I will sit and enjoy my fire,the full moon and the wind. Good night!


  1. Wow, Michelle, I give you a lot of credit. The park you are staying at sounds beautifu. Glad the kids are behaving themselves! LOL. Have fun and stay safe. I will be following you.

  2. Michelle, Raven sounds like my kinda gal!! Paris would do the same thing! Your trip so far, sounds so pawsome!! Can't wait to read more!!!

  3. Hi Michelle!
    It was a real pleasure meeting you and your furbabies, Boo, Gus, Weezer and lovely Raven. It sure was alot of fun spending time with you and the kids, Osita and Zorro sure enjoyed meeting your kids.I sure hope we meetup again next sunday before you head back home,I will bring treats and drinks so we can have a picnic of sorts. Have fun in SoCal hugs Ena