Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stewart's Kitchen personal tour

I headed out today from Shirley's house.I had wonderful time with the Fun Loving Family.They are so generous,caring and I thank them very much for everything.
My furkids sure were reluctant to leave. Especially those eggs that their uncle Darren fed them.
I then headed up to Courtney's house. Not too far away.Its by Lancaster Ca.This place sure has some funky trees.Which I later found out were Joshua Trees. For never seeing these before,I have been in awe. The rock formations are pretty cool as well. One thing I found out really quick was the wind blows constantly here,plus its a cool wind, which helped the Pugs.
Courtney has a huge yard,so I have decided could be a great place to do the next meetup.hehe...Its huge!! We are here with Stewart,Dora and Woody. Stewy had to show everyone how to bark at the neighbors. Funny.
I have had nice time here. Courtney is a very nice hostess. I am feeling very spoiled. First from Shirley and now from Courtney. Even the kids are getting very spoiled.
Since I am not on a computer that I can't download all pictures, but am going to add a few here. I am two days worth of pictures behind.

I am headed over to Oxmard California tommorrow and then up 101...till then

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