Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Had the time of my life

This is the last entry...I should have done it yesterday but, I was still on the road. When I left Courtney's I headed up the coast, so glad I did too! Well worth the extra hours. I met Boo's twin although she is a lot bigger to be sure! LOL. Anyway by the time I found my camp spot I was so tired, well you can see that I posted the blog yesterday morning. I have spent the week getting up at 6 or 6:30 am that I thought to myself,"I am going to sleep in, long drive be damned!" I finally got packed up by 11:00 am and headed out. Now before I go on, let me tell you what happened. I was so tired the night before I just took the first camping spot I saw, which was right next to the bathrooms. Hence we had a lot of foot traffic by the campsite. However, I will have you know, with the exception of Raven (why even go there.*sigh*) they never barked. Just watched everyone. I kinda feel they were pretty much done in for as well. It has been a long week for them as well. Anyway as I was packing up there were three small boys that kept coming over and looking at the dogs. I knew they wanted to pet the dogs but were hesitant. Finally after showing them it was OK, these three took tentative steps towards Wheezer and Raven first. Suddenly one boy said,"OH those are Peebulls and they bite, I am not supposed to go near Peebulls" (Of course I knew he was saying Pitbull, but it was funny how he said it). Now mind you, he was looking at Raven and Wheezer, never mind the mass of white wiggling, dancing about, goofy fur behind him, who just wanted to lick them to death. I pointed to Raven and I said,"You think this is a Pitbull?" he nodded his head and started backing up. No no he said, she is a Peebull and will bite me! I had to suppress a laugh as the Mean black Peebull was looking at him as if to say,"kid you gots sum fud, I starbin" Then the other kid who was standing by Wheezer all of sudden squealed and backed up hurriedly. I looked over and there sits the other Peebull,with his little teefies hanging out. I asked this boy what was the matter and he(the boy) squealed,"He is baring his teeth at me! he is going to bite! Look there he is doing it again!" Wheezer then looked at me and yes, friends his mean teefies were bared, wiggling around. The nerve of Wheezy!!! I about swallowed my tongue as I was trying not too laugh! Those two mean Peebulls..I must have a talk with them! In the mean time Boo snapped her leash in half she was so excited to see kids and threw herself on her back wiggling around like a wild banshee, then righted herself and proceeded to lick the kids faces till they were wet and shiny. The boys never said she was a Peebull, only those two small ones! hehe..funny..ahhh I bet when they got back and told their parents, those parents were peeing their pants with fright! I hit the road and it was a long, long drive to be sure. Found two more ticks, one on Raven and one on Gus and although I have looked at all four can not find any more. I have a feeling I will find some... I tell you if any of you haven't been to Northern California by Mt. Shasta/Shasta city, sometime in your life you must go there. It is just beautiful. It is high altitude but oh my the mountain, the lake, the green. Takes your breath away. Then I hit Oregon about 9pm. Still light enough to see green. There are three things I missed. 1-Getting my gas pumped for me. (its the law, yeah!), 2. NO tax!!! 3. All this green and cool air. Not that California isn't green but just a different type. After 14 long hours I got home. About 3 miles from home, I asked Gus if he was ready to see Gammie and he went nuts as did the other three. (They love their gammie). I did have to wake my mother up however as I found another tick on a part of my back I could not see, so the little bugger was hanging out for two days. Ugh! This was a once in a life time trip. I loved it. Just think because of the love for our dogs we all became friends and now we have met some of our friends. This is only the beginning, its definitely not the end. Thank you my friends for following me and being a part of this trip with me. Please check back as I will post a link to photo album. There you can copy any you want.

This video was taken on Ventura beach.

The pics are of us in ventura and the camping spot.(Beeware the Peebulls!)



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