Friday, June 12, 2009

Beach,pictures and such

Oh this was a great day, but also a sad day.
This morning the furkids and I went to Huntington Beach and met up with Shawna, Rhonda and Arhonda. We first ate at a cute little place called the Park Bench, where they have outdoor seating and you can be with your dogs! How cool is that? They even have a menu for the furkids. Yes, all the furkids got to order off the menu! Haha...His royal majesty was making sure his mom knew to feed him promptly. ;)
We then headed down to the dog beach there at Huntington Beach. It was an overcast day so it was fairly cool. When the Pugs got overheated I just picked them up and dumped them in the Ocean. I am sure Raven and Wheezer will tell anyone who wants to listen that I was really trying to drown them. Gus even followed me, but Boo stayed just outside the waves..hmmm guess she doesn't want to dirty her fur...yeah right.
Princess Marley and Lady Lexus got into their Pugkinis and were posing for the boys. Raven decided that she would run free and nakey as did Wheezer...fur shame!
Gus just chased his frisbee.
Then we headed back up where I said my goodbyes to my dear friends. Friends I have known for so many years but only from a computer. Rhonda, Shawna...thanks for meeting mem what a great time. I love your boys and girl. They are sure precious as is Miss Marley Princess. (There is a girl who was made for the runway). It was sad to see them drive away with the precious cargo, but I know soon enough we will meet again somewhere, somehow. The boys need to drink their pugweisers and do all the Tomfoolery stuff that boys do (Dogster pals will know what I am talking about here).
Someday...there will be a great get together somewhere in the middle of the US and it will be huge! Just wait and see. Once I set my mind to something...watch out! lol.
The FLF and Hop then got all their pics taken together and yes, my friends....Beatrix finally got her wish....Wheezy in her big pink purse. Baby and Nana Boo were surveying the PP room kids.

I am headed back up to Oregon tomorrow...truly sorry to have to leave such wonderful friends behind. My next stop is Courtneys house, Raven insisted we stop by her boyfriends house on more time!
Till tomorrow...goodnight

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