Monday, June 15, 2009

yesterday and today almost end of the road

Good morning! I was going to post yesterday but by the time I got to the campground or rather found the campground (another story to come) I was too tired and could not remember my password! Duh! Now I have a bit of coffee in me and almost packed up I can be a little coherent left Courtney yesterday morning, once again sad to be leaving a friend. She really does live in a beautiful place and no I won't mention her curtains! Haha Inside joke for Courtney! She has a huge,huge back yard.Lucky furkids to be sure. Upon my arrival there she was making the kids mint treaty's. Talk about personal service! Ha! My kids are no longer looking at me as the best..maybe fourth best after all the spoilers they encountered! Hehe They really were spoiled rotten by everyone. Ok I am getting off track here, so after I left Courtneys I headed West to 101. I was determined to drive up the California coast! It was a great decision as it is beautiful indeed! Our first stop was in Ventura California where at first I could not find a beach that let me bring the kids. I then finally found one. We had a wonderful walk and I let them chase the waves.I was initially just going to head up 101 but then I noticed highway 1 that goes into Big Sur. Can't pass that up. Took an extra 3 hours but let me tell you, "it was gorgeous!!!" Wow! The ocean was sooo blue! The road calls for your undivided attention though. One miss turn and off the cliff face you go. Me and my clunker drove slow to the irritation of various sports cars revving their engines behind us.Now at various times I had to let the dogs go potty but one in particular time I decided to let them run in this field of dry grass. At one point I "for a half a second" thought I wonder if there are ticks...then I thought nothing of it. As we were almost to our destination I happen to put my fingers to the back of my neck and I felt (AHH) something at which time I almost drove off the road.I knew deep inside it was not a scab or piece of debris. I plucked it off and there were squirming tiny legs. I screamed like a girl and threw it on the floorboards. It then dawned on me, "Oh great dummy it is still alive and going to crawl inside your pant leg and backup" Good Pug!!Then I felt the back of my neck again and ,yes, there was another one. Remember now I was driving in the middle lane in rush hour at 65 miles an hour! By this time I was making gurgling mewling noises and feeling a million crawly things everywhere. As I made my way off the main thoroughfare I started up a winding narrow forested road and all of a sudden felt that damn tick crawl across my face. That was it!! I pulled over jumped out of the truck and started the wild banshee dance, shaking my legs and slapping myself. I could just imagine a husband and wife walking off the hiking trail nearby upon seeing me..."Honey" wife says to husband "look is that woman on drugs""look! She is acting crazy!" OH don't look, don't look! Pretend you don't see her" as they hurriedly get in their car. Yes, I was that crazy! Ugh ugh ugh. I later found another one on my shirt. I did kill two of the little buggers with glee I might add. Even now I can feel crawling! I stopped in Boulder Creek for my last and final Dogster pal visits. It is a pal of Boo and Gus's in their Bully 101 group. Two very very large Bully dogs. Huge! Puts my two to shame. One is Moxie and she is white like Boo. Got pics and will post later sine I am typing this all on my trust BB. Once again I felt spoiled and grateful because Jen the furbullys mom made me fresh hot out of the oven chocolate chip banana muffins. Yummo and no I did not share. Ha! Now by the time I got back to my campground, what should have taken me 30 minutes took me me an hour and half because it was dark, my old eyes are getting bad for night vision and I forgot which road the campground was down. After many turn around, wrong directions from my GPS I finally found it! Ugh.. Its sad getting old, hahaha ahhhh.
Now I sit here this morning looking back on my trip thinking of the wonderful and gracious friends I have met. This really has been the trip of a life time. I have thank all those that met me and spoiled me and my children, without all of you there would be no trip.
Love yah all and God bless yeah!
I have a very long road home today (12 hours) so I will do one more post tomorrow morning, because tonight I will just want to get to bed.
Ta ta till then

"The tick lady"

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  1. sounds like you had a "grand" time. maybe one day if Ed ever retires, we can do a few trips but for now I stay put where I am. But sounds like u all enjoyed it and had fun. You and your furry ones have a safe trip home. These memories from this trip will last you more than a lifetime.
    :o) Debbi, Louie and Jake