Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally made it to Ashland Oregon.

It took more than the five hours I thought it would. Got here about 8:30pm. The dogs are crazy...ever camp with four dogs. Try to set a tent up, blow up an air mattress, roll out sleeping bag and walk the dogs...yeah..whew what a job!
I decided on this campground because the owners have two pugs. I wanted to meet them but got here to late as they were closed and gone for the night..:(
Here is the campground site:
It is nice, they have a creek in the background. I am not enjoying my fire though because I can't get wireless by the fire. I am here with my laptop on the hood of my truck..LOL. AHHHh addiction to the world wide web is a bad thing..hehe.
My dogs are in the truck because Raven and Wheezer were do their little ahhh ahhh screaming dance. Gus kept wandering off and Boo just wanted in the truck.
I have decided to let the slideshow be the pictures so if you look up you will see todays pics...
OK its fire and smores time!!!! Until tomorrow!!!!
San Francisco here we come!!!!

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