Friday, May 29, 2009

reservations made

I talked about on of the first places I was going to stay at, which is in Ashland Oregon. The only reason I picked it was because the camp owners have Pugs...what is it with people and their Pugs!? hehe...I don't know but they are addicting. When I made the reservation I put in that I had two Pugs and when they wrote back confirming my reservation, they were excited to know I had Pugs..
Then I made reservations for the one in Gilroy, but apparently the kid that works there wasn't sure that you could do anything..so I just said I would take my chances.(the website said to call to make a reservation) OK...
The other thing checked off my list is washing my sleeping bag.I noticed Mr or Miss mouse had been at it at one point in its long life. I double washed it. I have nothing against mice, just not in my sleeping bag.
It seems my list keeps getting longer and longer or is it I keep adding this and that. As usually happens it will come together all at the last minute.
Ok now on to the next thing....

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